Photo by Laura Wiesböck Laura Wiesböck

holds a PhD in sociology and works as a senior researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies. She has been researching social inequality for over ten years, particularly in the areas of gender, poverty and work. The sociologist has received numerous awards for her academic work, including the Theodor Körner Prize and the Käthe Leichter Prize for Gender Studies. Laura Wiesböck excels at combining science, knowledge dissemination and social engagement. In addition to her research activities, she communicates socio-critical perspectives in the media (e.g. Associated Press, Die ZEIT), gives expert lectures in public institutions (e.g. Austrian Parliament, Tanzquartier Vienna), and advocates for a life free of violence for women*.

Ekaterina Osipova, MA

is a PhD student in the Human Computer Interaction Group at TU Wien and works as a researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies. As a transdisciplinary researcher, Ekaterina is always on the lookout for new, accessible approaches to knowledge production in order to highlight marginalized life realities and perspectives. Ekaterina's research interests include gender and sexuality, understandings of health and the body, and critical design. Ekaterina completed a master's degree in science and technology studies.

Photo by Ella O'Connor

Ella O'Connor, BSc

is a bachelor's student studying sociology and works as a student assistant at the Institute for Advanced Studies. Previously, she completed a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in political science. Ella enjoys working at the intersection of academia, policy, and practice. She has worked on issues of democracy and equality in a variety of contexts, including political education work and within a city agency. For example, she gave workshops for youth on anti-discrimination and contributed to a plan to improve queer living conditions in Nuremberg. Personally, Ella is interested in different forms and practices of collective living together.

Advisory Expert

Photo by Karin Schönpflug Karin Schönpflug

holds a PhD in economics and works as a senior researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna. At the center of her long-standing research and teaching activities, this proven expert on LGBTIQ+ issues focuses on transdisciplinary perspectives on queer issues. The recipient of the Käthe Leichter Prize for Gender Studies, she has been involved in a number of important research projects on the situation of LGBTIQ+ persons in Vienna, including the study "Queer in Vienna" or the project "Urban sexual geographies, queer citizenship and the socio-economic status of LGBTIQs in Vienna". Karin Schönpflug supports the research project QUEERDEM in an advisory capacity.